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 Services Available 

Please contact me to find out how the services below may help and benefit you.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitising Reprocessing) is a clinically proven effective therapy that uses bilateral stimulation ( rapid eye movements) to enable processing of the memory/ experience. It is a practice that is particularly effective for treating trauma, P.T.S.D  (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, depression, bereavement and phobias . Bilateral stimulation can also take place by the person tapping a part of their body such as their knees or shoulders. EMDR appears to mimic what the brain does naturally during dreams and the rapid  eye movement (REM) phase of sleep. EMDR can be thought of as an essentially natural therapy, which assists the brain in working through distressing material. EMDR therapy can be practiced face to face or online.


For more information about EMDR please visit EMDR Association uk.

The practice of art psychotherapy involves the use of art materials during the session by the client to enable self expression. The art materials are used alongside talking with the therapist. You do not need any previous experience in art to do this, as the focus of the treatment is on accessing unconscious as well as conscious processes (and not being good at art).  I have 25 years of clinical experience delivering 1:1 and group art psychotherapy. 

Art psychotherapy has proven to be very effective for working with anxiety, depression, trauma, P.T.S.D, bereavement and relationship instability. Art therapy can be practiced face to face or online.

For more information about Art Psychotherapy please visit The British Association of Art Therapy

I am a qualified clinical supervisor with ten years of post qualifying experience, in both individual and group Clinical Supervision. During my experience I have clinically supervised arts psychotherapists ( 1:1 and group), Psychologists, RMN staff , prison staff and group psychotherapists. I am also available to clinically supervise art psychotherapy trainees.  Supervision can be offered face to face or online.

Reflective Practice offers a facilitated reflective space for groups and organisations to work together and focus on their practice / team dynamics. I have been facilitating Reflective  Practice for over 10 years in a variety of organisational settings. Sessions can be booked at an hourly rate designed to suit your need.

Reflecting in groups, teams and multi-professional settings is an excellent way to help develop ideas or actions that can improve performance. Learning with others builds a collective wisdom through discussion and thought. Team reflection may include suggestions or plans to improve the service provided. Case based discussions for example can provide a safe outlet to explore thoughts and feelings triggered by different experiences. Face to face or online.

Talking psychotherapy is widely practiced globally and may be your overall preference as a client.  I am  able to offer talking psychotherapy and have  practiced this for many years.  To make the most of this approach the structure of the sessions will be created following  an initial consultation . Face to face or online sessions will be available.

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